August 2013

Ikebana vases – autumn collection


Our new Ikebana vases autumn stock is on its way

We have our new Ikebana vases stock ordered and on its way to us.  And in a few weeks time Junko will be in Japan to seeking out new vases to add to our “autumn collection”.

When we were last roaming Japan in search of Ikebana treasure, we happened upon wonderfully delicate bamboo Ikebana containers made by an artisan weaver.  These proved to be so popular that we sold out very quickly and artisan doesn’t do exports, so once again, Junko will be personally securing stock…I know, it’s a tough job wandering around Japan finding lovely things to buy, but she’s very dedicated to the cause!

As soon as it arrives, our new Ikebana vases stock will be posted in our shop and for our customers who have asked to be on our emailing list, advance notification will be sent a day or so before the stock is published.  Would you like to join our mailing list?  Just contact us and we’ll be happy to.