March 2017

Ikebana Tips #16: more modifying leaves

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I really love to see creative freestyle Ikebana arrangements. Fusing nature with human creativity opens up infinite possibilities to make really striking Ikebana arrangements. You’ve probably seen many of my students (and some of my) freestyle arrangements in the class photos I post most weeks.  If not, you can find them here or on my Instagram .

Anyway, I’d better show you my video for this week, which is the second about modifying leaves.  This time I’ll show you two ways to use the same technique to create fabulous architectural shapes with leaves.  Once you’ve seen the video, go on and try it yourself.  You can use these techniques with lots of different types of leaves and to create lots of different shapes.

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Ikebana tips #15: wiring techniques 4

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OK so I know this should be “wiring technique 3”, but Keith put the wrong number on the video! So we’re stuck with it.  I’ll do number three soon…although we might call it number 7 just to really confuse everyone!

Oh get on with the video, I think you’re saying, well this time I’ll show you how to use wires so that you can bend hollow or soft stems to curves and even sharp bends.

I’m sure you’ve tried arranging things like daffodils, anemone and snake grass which, if you try to introduce a curve or more angular bend, will often just kink and flop over.   This wiring technique will help you to over come that.

Ikebana Tips #14: let’s try modifying leaves

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Nature produces beautiful materials for us to use, but sometimes we can also take what nature provides and modify it.  In freestyle we are being totally creative, so anything goes and this includes re-shaping or reforming leaves.  And sometimes you can combine leaf modification with wiring to achieve all sorts of creative contortions, for freestyle fun!

Exhibition of Ceramic Art by Maggie Zerafa

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I recently had the privilege to create an arrangement in a beautiful vase made by the very talented ceramic artist, Maggie Zerafa.

If you are on our mailing list you’ll have seen my previous mentions and a couple of photos of my arrangements in her vase, and a mention of her exhibition in Edinburgh. If you are living, working or just visiting the Edinburgh area of Scotland, I recommend you go to see Maggie’s exhibition.  On now until 8th April 2017 at:

Birch Tree Gallery,
23A Dundas Street,
Edinburgh EH3 6QQ

vase with cameliaMaggie Zerafa exhibition flyer

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