Ikebana tips #25: tricky rikka tip – ukezutsu


Rikka is a fascinating, beautiful style of Ikenobo Ikebana that is difficult to master. There are many techniques which will help you to create your masterpiece arrangement, and using ukezutsu to hold stems in position above the vase waterline is a key one to learn.  This tip will show you how.



Ikebana tips #24: caring for your hasami


I suspect that may of us take our hasami for ganted.  Use them, pop them in our toolbox or drawer and that’s it.  But have you noticed that the dirtier they get the stiffer they become?  Unless you have the non-tarnishing professional hasami, your hasami will probably rust and become dirty with plant sap and bits as you use them over time.

But you really can help to keep them in good order, just by using sabitoru, kitchen oil and a little TLC.  And here’s how.



Ikebana tips #23: gravity-defying kenzan

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Sometimes our creative desires can be thwarted by equipment and one such situation is when you’d like to arrange heavy materials from the sloping side of a vase.

Clearly it isn’t practical to glue a kenzan to the side nor can you use another kenzan to hold it. But fortunately there is a very elegant and easy-to-do solution, as you’ll see in this tip; it is quite wonderful just how useful wire can be, don’t you think?

Ikebana tips #22: yes, it’s Sellotape!

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I’m sure you have a roll of Sellotape at home. But have you used it in Ikebana arrangements?

This week I want to show you how to have some fun with clear vases, using Sellotape instead of kenzan or other flower-holding methods. Why do we want to do that? Well, kenzan are wonderful, but not very pretty, especially after many uses. So in a clear vase it just looks naff.

So, get your Sellotape ready and let’s see the tip…

Hana no Wa weekend workshop


I am delighted to announce that Hana no Wa is holding a workshop weekend in June, in Ruislip, west London. This is a very special occasion for me, being the 5th anniversary of Hana no Wa Study Group and the 15th anniversary of Ikebana by Junko. I am really excited to mark these two annivesaries with a wonderful weekend of Ikenobo Ikebana.

We are priviledged to welcome professor Kurata, from Ikenobo HQ to give a demsonstration prior to our celebratory dinner on Friday. Professor Kurata will, then lead our workshops on the Saturday and Sunday, which means we will have a full weekend of wonderful study and practice.

Details of the locations, dates and fees are below and I look forward to welcoming members and non-members to join our festival of Ikenobo Ikebana.

Priority places are for Hana no Wa members with a limited number of places available for non-members. (NB. for non-members there is a one-off registration fee of £20.00.)

For availability and to reserve your place, please contact Junko using my contact form or call +44 1895 622880.

Weekend Workshop Timetable and Fees

Activity Day Date Start Finish Location Fee
Demonstration & Dinner Friday 23rd June 6pm 9pm Barn Hotel £45.00
Rikka Workshop Saturday 24th June 10am 5pm Scout Hall £35.00
Shoka & Freestyle Workshop Sunday 25th June 10am 5pm Scout Hall £30.00

The Barn Hotel
West End Road, Ruislip HA4 6JB
It is located adjacent to Ruislip Tube Station. Extensive parking available.

The Scout Hall
Woodford Hall, Poplars Close, Ruslip HA4 7BU
It is located 5-6 minutes walk from Ruislip Tube Station. Limited parking available.

Dear Members and Ikebana Friends,

Hana no wa Study Group has invited a Professor from Ikenobo HQ Japan. This is a celebration of 5th Anniversary of the group and a fantastic opportunity for you to learn and better understand Ikenobo Ikebana with a senior Professor, Katsuhito Kurata. He will give us a demonstration, intensive lectures as well as workshops for Rikka, Shoka and Free Style.
We do hope you can attend and participate this special event as much as possible.

  • Please bring your own vase(s), hasami, kenzan and flower sheet for each session. (please ask Junko for hire vases and kenzan if you wish to hire)
  • All levels can attend Shoka/Free Style workshop.
  • Rikka is suitable for advanced or upper intermediate.
  • Please contact Junko for availability. or call 01895 622880.

We have arranged to have dinner with the visiting Professor. Your partners are welcome. Please check availability by using my contact form.

23 June (Fri) Celebration Dinner Party at the Barn Hotel, £45 per person excluding drinks ;payment with booking. Vegetarian/vegan menu available.

You can open and download the full weekend details and registration form here.
Download and print full details and registration form – pdf

Pictures from a past Hana no Wa Workshop.

Sogetsu Ikebana Event – London 2nd-3rd June 2017

sogetsu event flyer

sogetsu event

Upcoming Event

Friday–Saturday, 2nd-3rd June, 2017
8th Exhibition, Free Admission

Friday 2nd June, 1:00pm – 4:30pm
Saturday 3rd June, 11:00am – 4:30pm

For the 10th Anniversary of Sogetsu London Branch
and the 90th Anniversary of Sogetsu School.

Venue: Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, Hampstead, NW3 1NG London

[click on the flyer to save and print it]

Ikebana tips #21: calla spaghetti

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I love to create interesting and unusual artistic effects in Ikebana using all manner of things. None more so that taking plant materials and adapting them – you might say that this is giving plants new life in a different form.

Calla is a very versatile flower and the stems can be very interesting too. So try taking a couple of calla stems, and it’s ok if the flowers are past their best, and use them to create…calla spaghetti!

Ikebana tips #20: tricky little apertures

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If, like me, you enjoy using unusual Ikebana containers, you’ve probably come across some with tiny apertures. You know; the ones that are too small for a kenzan: where flower foam would be too messy; and chicken wire too fiddly. And unless you do something, your flowers just will not stay where you want them.

Well, of course, there’s a simple way to deal with that and this tip will show you how. Yes, there’s some wire involved!

Ikebana tips #19: more from your daffs


I suspect that most of us enjoy our daffodils; that burst of colour and energy that heralds the spring and warm weather and lots more flowers to come. But when our daffs are finished, the tempotation is to take off the dead the flower heads, fold over the leaves to make them a bit tidier, then ignore them until the next year’s spring.

Well really we shouldn’t just ignore them, because with a little trick we can do wonderfully creative things with their leaves – before we’ve folder them over, of course.

So, if you still have them unfolded, get out and cut a few daffodil leaves then use this simple wiring technique to do some lovely creative Ikebana arrangements…here’s this week’s video.

Ikebana tips #18: get your stapler ready


There are all sorts of way to get creative with leaves, and sometimes the best ones are really the simplest…like this one.
With just a stapler and your imagination, you can take all sorts of leaves and fix them into shapes that give you unexpected opportunities for creativity.

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