Ikenobo Ikebana Exhibition in Ruislip, west London.

Junko rikkaOur annual first annual hana-no-wa Ikenobo Ikebana exhibition was held in November this year (2013) in Ruislip, west London.


My students and I formed a new Ikenobo Ikebana Study Group right here in west London and this was our first exhibition as the Hana-no-wa Ikenobo study group. Held at the Woodford Hall, the lovely venue just off Ruislip High Street where we held our 2011 Ikebana exhibition.

We displayed over 30 Ikenobo ikebana arrangements through out the weekend, with live traditional koto music, Ikenobo ikebana demonstrations and guest exhibits from our good friends, the Middlesex Bonsai Society.  And just to keep our visitors refreshed, tea coffee and Japanese sweets were laid on too!