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Left handed hasami with soft, easy-use handles

Modern hasami flower scissors featuring teflon-coated, stainless steel blades and super-soft-touch thermoplastic handles for easy grip, these are the modern alternative to our traditional hasami.  Several of my students are left handed and I realaly wanted to find a quality left-handed hasami to suit their needs; this is the perfect solution and I am really pleased to have found it for them and you.

Sakagen have been at the forefront of Japanese hasami manufacture for a century.  We’re delighted to add these new, innovative hasami to our range.

NB: Not recommended for cutting wires, as this may damage the cutting edges: do you need wire cutters too?
Our hasami are extremely sharp and not suitable for unsupervised use by children.


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Left handed hasami flower scissors

Weight 200 g
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