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“Ikebana starts with a single flower”… “The Joy of Ikenobo Ikebana” is an indispensable introduction Ikenobo Ikebana for beginners and inspirational for experienced practitioners, particularly those new to Ikenobo. This book focuses on Freestyle and Shoka styles offering a detailed introduction to techniques, materials and vase selection, how to combine colours and clear instruction on the rules of form in Shoka.  This is valuable instruction is complemented by a detailed history of Ikebana and a full colour picture gallery of wonderful and inspirational Freestyle arrangements. This is a delightful Ikebana book which Junko recommends this book to her beginners and more accomplished students who are new to Ikenobo.

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Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement book “The Joy of Ikenobo Ikebana”, an indispensable introduction Ikenobo Ikebana for beginners and experienced practitioners

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