Ikebana vase: V1175

traditional ikebana flower vase

A traditional, elegant Ikebana vase

This is Ikebana vase royalty; elegance and style, with an air of power, whatever flower materials you choose. This base weighs-in at 2kg, so once you’ve added gravel it provides a base for even the heaviest of materials. But it is also elegant, and beautifully complements delicate stems and flowers – as royalty this vase has also humility. For, rikka, shoka or freestyle; a simple single stem or an expressive rikka in any setting; this vase will beautifully support them all.

We recommend adding gravel to the well then using kenzan with a stabiliser leg for best results.

Colour: charcoal-brown, green; size: Dia 23.5cm; H 24cm


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Large, traditionally-shaped Ikebana vase

Weight 2700 g
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