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“Beauty in Ikebana is temporary.  It appears in a moment and then fades away. Still, such moments filled with beauty remain in our hearts…. ….I hope to pass on the beauty passed down to me, the beauty of creation, a refined sensitivity of heart and spirit for what the eye can not see.”

 (Sen’ei Ikenobo) Written by Sen’ei Ikenobo, 45th headmaster of Ikenobo School of Ikebana and published in 2015 by Nihonkadosha, this is the most recent handbook from the head of Ikenobo.  It has received praise from several, most senior Ikebana teachers around the world.  Because of its international appeal, the editors of Nihon Kadosha are pleased to present this work in original Japanese, and with  translations into both Chinese and English (Japanese original and translations are not sold separately). Original book 93 pages of text and stunning, full colour photographs. Translations are contained in a single book of text only, reading 35 pages in English and 29 pages in Chinese


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General Theory of Shimputai by Sen’ei Ikenobo

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