Tatehana vase: V1166

tatehana vase

Tatehana style ikebana ceramic vase.
Tatehana style vase emulating the traditional, ancient shapes but with a slightly comtemporary feel derived from its ceramic make.  Suitable for tatehana and shoka.

The classic seiji (a unique pale blue/green) glaze of this vase is almost defies worthy description and is difficult to capture. It accentuates the simple, elegant beauty that is tatehana, particularly when using spring (sakura season) blossoms of (cherry, apple, plum) or pink flowers an anytime of the year.  Use with K4020, which has a stabiliser leg for heavier materials (add gravel as ballast and to hold the kenzan steady).

Colour: pale blue; size: h 24cm dia 12.5cm


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Tall ceramic tatehana vase

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