elegant Japanese flower vaseThree new vases have arrived from Japan .  We are delighted to be attracting increasing numbers of customers from all over the world and as we do so we will continue to increase our range of authentic Japanese vases, kenzan and hasami.


ikebana vase

Keith’s new favourite just now: the rich, intense black-to-plum-purple coloured rikka and shoka vase. Traditional shape and very traditional deep purple colour (ko-murasaki), it is intense and elegant.  And just as elegant and stylish is this diminutive green urn, that needs only a single stem or two and a little foliage to making a perfect arrangement for the smallest of spaces or a grand dinner table.



ikebana vase V1135contemporary coil ikebana vaseThese two rustic red-brown vases are great for creating a common theme in any space: use either on their own, in an alcove or for a dining table, or mix and match these and maybe add V1107 to create a follow-me theme in a larger room or hallway.