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Ikebana Tips #17: fun with phormium

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You have probably gathered that I enjoy the freely creative side of freetsyle Ikenobo Ikebana as well as the more traditional. I also like helping my students to expand their creativity in all sorts of ways; some techniques can be really unexpectedly simple, like in this tip.

This time you don’t need any tools, just your thumbnail and your imagination…enjoy!

Ikebana Tips #13: wiring techniques 2

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In my previous Ikenobo Ikebana tip, #12, I showed you a nice easy way to get curved shapes into leaves, so that you can bend them without them breaking.  This tip is also nice and easy, and it will let you have even more fun with shaping leaves.  You may have seen some examples in my recent classes photos.

You will need wire and some sticky tape or surgical tape but it doesn’t have to be anything special.  So, here we go with wiring part 2!

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