Ikebana Tips #8: fun alternative to using kenzan

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Alternatives to kenzan pin-holders #1

These days kenzan pin-holders are our usual method for holding flowers in Ikebana arrangements. But kenzan are a relatively recent introduction.

Kenzan origins are tightly-bound bundles of straw called “komiwara”, that would be pushed into the stem of a vase and the materials inserted between the straw. More of that in a later tip, but I thought it would be fun to start 2017 with a colourful variation of komiwara; drinking straws! Yes, that’s right.

I will post a few more alterntives to kenzan, old and not so old, over the coming weekes but let’s start with my tip to show you how to use, drinking straws in Ikebana.

Tips & Tricks #5: keeping your kenzan stable in shallow vases

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In my previous Ikebana tip I showed you how to keep your tall vase and the kenzan stable, particularly when using tall and heavy materials. But we also use tall, heavy materials in shallow vases in which gravel and a kenzan stabiling leg can’t be used.

This tip, #5, will show you how.

Do you have a “how to?” type question about Ikebana? Send me your question or suggestion for a tip or trick and if I can turn it into a short video, I’ll be pleased to. Just contact me with your How to…? question.

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