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Ikebana is my passion and my mission is to bring the joys of Ikebana to as many people as I can.


will adams japanese festival 2002

Junko’s Ikebana workshop at Will Adams Festival, 2002

I started Ikebana by Junko in 2002 after seeing how interested people were in my workshops at the Will Adams Festival in Gillingham , Kent that summer.

Since then I have taught Ikenobo Ikebana in London, helping over 150 students from all over the world.  They have experienced the beauty and joy that Ikebana offers and the friendships that come from a shared enjoyment of something wonderful. And some of my students have gone on to teach their own classes, a great source of pride for me. I look forward to meeting and teaching many more students and making many more Ikebana friends around the world.

I continue to teach Ikenobo Ikebana in west London, and several of my most senior students also teach in the London area, Malaysia and Spain.  I also do demonstrations and workshops around the UK, and overseas, along with creating Ikebana flower arrangements for special events, offices and other commercial premises in London: see Ikebana for offices.


I hope you find my website interesting and helpful. We strive to offer you a great source of Ikebana information and pictures of Ikebana flower arrangements. Our online Ikebana shop has the best range of Ikebana vases and containers, kenzan, hasami, books and accessories outside of Japan and are delighted to supply our customers anywhere in the world.


classical rikka style ikebana flower arrangement by Junko

classical rikka style ikebana flower arrangement by Junko


Ikebana or kado is the Japanese art of flower arranging.  Ikebana is steeped in history and tradition and Ikenobo, founded at Rokkaku-do temple, Kyoto in 1462 is the first Ikebana school.

In our “about” pages you can find out more about Ikebana, about Ikenobo Ikebana and me, Junko, including information about ikebana styles and types of ikebana flower arrangement.  You can also download a Chronology of Ikenobo Ikebana history (pdf).

If you would like to find out about Ikebana classes or more information about Ikebana, contact us.

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