Ikebana by Junko office flowers.

Make a statement:

Ikebana Japanese floral arrangements are perfect office flowers for businesses.  If your organisation likes to treat your visitors and staff to floral displays, then what could be more different than reception, meeting room and office flowers from Ikebana by Junko.

All our ikebana arrangements are bespoke.  They are created to suit the space, colour and light of your office or business environment. Whether large or more modestly-sized, our ikebana floral arrangements are sure to make an impact.

Ikebana for a corporate client

Office flowers from Ikebana by Junko are distinctive: they make a statement. We offer ikebana arrangements for your reception, meeting rooms or executive office suite on a regular weekly basis or for one-off VIP events and special occasions.

All arrangements are personally created on site using seasonal materials and containers chosen to suit the location and ambiance. Regular, weekly displays are replaced each Monday* and through careful selection of materials will stay beautiful and fresh all week long**.

Before we begin designing beautiful office flowers for your business, we will visit your premises to understand your requirements.  At this meeting we will recommend styles and colour schemes for your spaces.

Based in London? To arrange an appointment at your offices to discuss distinctive ikebana office flower arrangements for your organisation: contact us now.

orchids arrangement in corporate reception

Office flowers in reception for a London client









Office flowers by Junko are available to west London and City locations.  Locations in other areas of London, western London suburbs and western home counties for single events are subject to availability.  Contact Junko to arrange a convenient opportunity to discuss your requirements.

(*other days by arrangement;  **may require water top up)

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